Brittany- Photographer

Nikki- CEO and founder of NCeePhotography

Based out of the Washington, DC metro area, is a photographer dedicated to the love of photographing people and the passion for creating fine art. Her photography is unique because it's timeless, yet contemporary, and tells your story in both a memorable and meaningful way.

Nikki's main goal, at this point, is to build long lasting relationships with her families and clients. There is nothing more fulfilling than to be  able to grow with your clients and become the "family photographer." Living in your purpose is that much better when your clients turn into friends who turn into family.

Brittany, born and raised in Virginia, LOVES to photograph newborns, children, families, seniors and aspiring artists. She also enjoys photographing special events and occasions such as weddings, baby showers, birthday parties or simply any moment where life’s memories are being made.  

She comes from a large family where she is the oldest of 47 grandchildren. Her love for family helps her to take extreme pride in her work. As a photographer her focus is to take moments and create memories that make our clients’ feel as if time stood still.