Fresh 48 Sessions

1. THE SESSION IS MEANT TO BE A DOCUMENTARY. These unique sessions will offer intimate and unique sessions that will capture such things as the first baths, breastfeeding, meeting family members, first diaper changes, the precious looks as baby gets to know you, etc. Our pictures are shot in a lifestyle format which allows us to truly capture the essence of the moment. We stage nothing and strive to give you pictures where you forget that there was even a photographer there in the first place!

2. WEAR SOMETHING THAT YOU ARE COMFORTABLE IN. Consider purchasing a nice robe that you can use to cover up the hospital outfit. There are some super cute nursing/maternity robes located here and you can likely find some on Amazon as well.

3. SET YOUR EXPECTATIONS LOW FOR SIBLINGS. A lot of the time you'll find beautiful sibling photos online. These photos don't always reflect reality. At times the siblings may or may not cooperate. I will do my best to achieve the most natural looking photo(s) of baby and siblings. The success rate depends on the age/mood of the sibling.

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